Geography 1400F/G Lecture 15: 15 Lecture 11/11/2015

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Geography 1500F
Biodiversity Loss and the 6th Extinction Spasm, 3
habitat loss = climate change
invasive species
“extinction as bottom line”
Entwined with focus on protected areas
“the foundation of conservation strategies” for the greater half of the century (Adams)
Prevailing view
conservation starts with expanding protection of key spaces
primary ‘containers’ of global biodiversity
over time, recognizing problem of ‘islands’ (amidst habitat loss and fragmentation
‘island biogeography’
conservation biology = ‘crisis management science’
SLOSS debates: In essence, given the same amount of total area protection is it better to
cattle ranching and deforestation in the Amazon
‘paper parks’
“Yellowstone model”: keeping people out
‘fortress conservation’
‘fences and fines’
recall: 12% some form of protection, but people can come as tourists
habitat loss: dominant root pushing threatened species to brink
once there, poaching, black markets, and international trade can become most
immediate threat
estimated values of illegal wild trade is US$10 billion per year
China main site of trade
“The criminals who are now poaching elephants and smuggling tiger parts are the sae
who are funding terrorism and funding militias. This is mainstream.” - Sabri Zain,
also: ‘lungs of the world’
in addition to large share of biodiversity, disproportionate share of terrestrial biomass
(and plant-based C) + photosynthetic activity
outsized role in carbon cycle
cycling CO2 to O2 (e.g. Amazonia: 3% land: 15% terrestrial biomass)
massive ‘carbon storehouse’ - ‘lungs of the world’
Leaf Area Index
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