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Lecture 5

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Western University
Geography 2144A/B
L.Graham Smith

Week 5: Tourist Attractions • 3 main types of attraction: o Cultural o Natural o Entertainment oriented • Top 25 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in N.America o #1= Times Square o #2=Vegas strip o #3=Washington, D.C o Patriotic o #5=Disney o Boston and San Franciscocities that are distinct and not cookie cutter • User orientedentertainment o Whatever resources available; close to user; large population centres; seasonal • Intermediatecultural and heritage o Best resources available within accessible distance to useraccess important o Natural resources>user oriented • Resource-basednatural o Primary focus is resource qualityresources determines activity o Often distant from user o i.e. Cultural and Heritage • Indigenous • Colonial and nationalistic (I.e. battlegrounds) • Frontier (i.e. sailing/naval history, the West) • Immigrant • Industrial (i.e. railways, public transit ) • Example: York, Pennsylvania o Gettysburg (historical, nationalistic)  Indicative of the United States  after the warrights, freedom, values and beliefs of the US  state power (South) versus federal power (North)  battle sites as a window and insight to history and geography o Harley Davidson (industrial landscapes)  They sell everything they makehigh quality and personalized work stations  Comparable to cigars in Cubaindustrial landscape tour o Lancaster County (immigrant and cultural landscapes)  Amishproduction of quality milkHershey factory  Tourism developed as a product to keep kids in the Amish life (goods, food, furniture, crafts) • These themes explain the US (in the textbook) but they apply to other countries also o See “500 Places to Take Your Children” o Locations that play similar roles in other countries Nature Based • Ecotourism o Trying to capitalize wildlife, national parks, etc. o Trying to have no impact on environmenthow can it be commercial and not impact the environment? • Wildlife viewing o i.e. Whale watching, bird watching (Point Pelee), safaris in Africa • National and State parks o Gateway town/city that services enjoyment and tourism on the park (hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.) o National parks exist b/c it is a way of preserving ecological heritage and valuable aesthetic experiences  In CanadaAlgonquin (provincial), Banff and Jasper • Examples: o Monterey Bay Aquarium  Slice of natural oceannatural wildlife and ecology  Wild animals o Arches National Park
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