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Geography 2152F/G
Bharat Punjabi

Indus Floods Disaster 2010 - What actually happened in Pakistan 2010 - How does irrigation and water for agriculture in asia work - History of technological interventions on major rivers in the colonial period and subsequent interventions to help with the green revolution - Flood policy and international water politics in Pakistan and South Asia - Source of information “article “Faustian Bargain” by Mustafa on the list of readings and Chapter 9 in course pack - Adaptation to climate change in developing countries - Affected 2 million people, killed about 2,000 The Geographical Context: Pakistan and the Centrality of the Indus River - A country of 200 million people - A vast country with various agro climatic regions – aka farming - Population dependent predominantly on rural livelihoods - Indus river flows through the great of the country and supports a large of rural livelihoods and urban industrial centers - The industrial itself has its origins in Chinese controlled Tibet and flows through the indian held parts of Kashmir and then into Pakistan - Subject to a dispute in the 1950s between Indian and Pakistan, which was resolve by the world bank mediated Indus waters treaty of 1960 Indus River Treaty - 3 of the west flowing rivers from the Indus river system have been allocated to Pakistan while three have been allocated to India - The Indus floods have heightened the need for co-operation in the context of uncertainty and ever growing demand on the water from these rivers - A lot of anxiety over the Indus waters treaty of 1960 o Pakistan is worried that India may eventually use water as a weapon Canal on the Indus - Taking water from the dam to the field of the farms - Built systems to help them - Regulated by a beaucracy - Various classes of farmers - Upstream and downstream continents - Used for agriculture and to control floods What Happened? Is this Disaster the result of climate change? - 2010 was the hottest year on record in Pakistan and high glacier run off had already filled the rivers to capacity - Coincides with the La Nina event which exacerbated monsoonal activity. Some evidence suggest a link between fires in Russia and the excessive rainfall in Pakistan ove
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