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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2300A/B
Jamie Melling

LEC 6B: Muscles of the Trunk September-08-12 12:56 PM • Muscles of the trunk are generally much larger • Vertebral muscles- Have to be well controlled because of responsibility of attaching to and moving spinal column • Abdominal muscles - relating to breathing muscles to some level • Breathing muscles - ones that move the rib cage • Perineum/pelvic muscles- diaphragm • Innervation and function go hand and hand • Deep is opposite to superficial,deepest layer of muscles, peeled back the superficial muscles • "I LikeStanding Muscles"- very active when standing, actually called "Erector Spinae" • Iliocostalis- referencing illiumand "costal" ribs- runs from the illiumof pelvis and spans up towards the ribs and inserts onto the body or angle of the rib up the vertebral column - split into regions cervical,thoracic and lumborum region because its so large • Longsissimus- originatingfrom a fascia down in the lumbar region called the thoracal dorsal fascia or thoracal lumbar fascia (trianglein small of back) ○ Attaches the length of the vertebral column on the transverse processes ○ Regions - thoracic, cervical and capital • Spinalis- originates from spinal dorsal fascia ○ regions - thoracic, cervical and capital • True back muscles - not the ones you work on at the gym, keep you upright and maintain posture, balance and extend the trunk • Different innervation- goes back to roots and rami • Back muscles are around the spinal cord, doesn’t make sense to have a peripheral nerve to go peripheral then back to spinal cord - rather roots or rami that go off to innervate structures around spinal cord Spinal cord • Spinal cord Ventral, dorsal ○ Ventral horn- motor activity , dorsal horn- sensory actvity horn • Ventral and dorsal root come together to form a RAMUS ○ Ventral rami- combination of motor and sensory go off into peripherally and contribute plexis that eventually become nerves that exists in peripherally - ulnar nerve, medial nerve all generated off of plexis ○ Either have a ventral or dorsal rami- dorsal are small and innervate back muscles, have both motor and sensory , fewer nerve fibers
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