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Lecture 2

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2700A/B
Treena Orchard

2700 Lecture 2 September 20 2011Theory An orderly integrated set of statements that describes explains and predicts behavior Continuous A process of gradually augmenting the same types of skills that were there to begin withDiscontinuousA process in which new and different ways of understanding and responding to the world emerge at specific times refer to tables 1516 for studyNature vs NurtureNatureInborn biological givens Based on genetic inheritance NurturePhysical and social world Influence biological and psychological developmentMajor Periods of Human Development pg7 Period Age Range Prenatal Conception to Birth Infancy and Toddlerhood Birth2 Early childhood 26 Middle childhood 611 Adolescence 1118 Early adulthood 1840 Middle adulthood 4065 Late adulthood65Key Principles of Darwins Theory of EvolutionNatural SelectionSpecies have characteristic that are adapted to their environmentsSurvival of the Fittest Adolescence mirrored savagenessNormative Approach Measures of behavior are taken on large numbers of individuals and age related averages are computed to represent typical developmentElaborate surveys on everything imaginable they tested loads of people with the goals of determining what is normal Mental Testing Movement 1
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