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Lecture 9

Health Sciences 3250F/G Lecture 9: Food Insecurity

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Health Sciences
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Health Sciences 3250F/G
Jeannie Samuel

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Please read this article: "Drought and war heighten threat of not just 1 famine, but 4" NYT, March 28, 2017. South Sudan Humanitarian Crisis Historical Context • South Sudan is a new country, formally created in 2011 • Born from protracted civil war in Sudan • War left South devastated, one of world’s most underdeveloped countries • Peace agreement set transition period and then referendum on independence for South • Oil funds 98% of South Sudan government’s budget. Disputes with Sudan over cost of transfer of oil through pipelines north. • In 2013, a civil war broke out in South Sudan in a power struggle between the government and other groups • Sudan was a British colony. British divided North and South and administrated them separately. • With decolonization (1956), British gave North power over the South. • North-South civil war was also partly about control over resources. • Important oil fields exist in contested areas in South and borderlands with North • War devastated the South and left it very underdeveloped. • Child soldiers used on all sides of civil war. • Reconstruction and building a new country was an enormous task – carried out in very difficult circumstances. • Referendum on independence passed with 98.83% of the vote in 2011. New country formed. • New civil war in South has undone the fragile gains in the country & plunged it into chaos. • People displaced & killed. Use of child soldiers. Economy deteriorating. • Temporary peace was brokered but hostilities renewed in July 2016 - Politically a new country - A lot of oil in the south - Control of this very prized resource - Blue circles: estimated numbers of internally displaced people, orange circle, people from South Sudan - Big issue: huge need for support, very under resources in terms of response, that’s adding to the difficulties - Things in the last year have been bad - Intense displacement of people, huge movements - People dying because of the combination of factors that tie into famine - Acute food and livelihood crisis - Cost of food, people could afford to buy food - Food assessments  vulnerability assessment mapping, take a population and look at what’s happening in terms of food supply, food access, household level, broader issues around markets and local economies, all these come together and help them make classifications - Food not going properly - Infectious diseases from a lack of sanitation  such a focus on food, not looking at the need for clean water and sanitation issues, just as high a priority - Figuring out how to not have that be as much - Measles, cholera, malaria Food Insecutiry • Renewed conflict in July 2016 deepened humanitarian crisis • Economy deteriorating. Inflation 800%. • Nearly 1.83 million displaced in South Sudan (1.3 million seeking refuge abroad) • Estimated 31% of pop experiencing severe food insecurity since 2016. Famine conditions are affecting about 100,000 people. Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Emergency Food Aid • Humanitarian partners assisted 4 million people in South Sudan in 2016 • Plan to assist 4.1 million in 2017 • WFP and its partners have continued to deploy rapid response teams, exploiting windows of opportunity to reach people in need. Since the Integrated Rapid Response Mechanism (IRRM) launched, teams have deployed for more than 400 missions in deep field locations in South Sudan. Through these joint emergency teams, WFP reaches 500,000 people per month in areas that are only accessible by air. Child Health • More than 686,
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