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Lecture 3

Kinesiology 2236A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Triage, Living Document

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Kinesiology 2236A/B
Dave Humphreys

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January 12, 16
Emergency Action Planning
Video of Hockey Goalie getting neck slashed by skate
The good – goalie was o ice between 27-33 seconds
Trainer was able to get to him quickly
Paramedic there on site
Trainer able to pinch o the artery on his neck
Got to hospital within 8 minutes
Video of NHL Detroit RW player having a heart attack
Player collapsed on the bench and had to do CPR
2 people doing CPR
Rink was not set up right for someone with an injury
Players left paramedic in the dust when pulling injured player
across ice
Video of player dying on bench
Paramedics and doctors left before the game ended
Player was cleared by doctor to play
Player ended up dying
Civil and Criminal Liability – Who are we protecting with an EAP?
Civil: When a person engages in conduct that results in harm to
another private individual
Criminal: When a person contravenes social standards as
expressed by criminal laws
Intentional and Unintentional Torts
Intentional: Harm was intended to another (assault, battery or
false imprisonment)
Unintentional: When a person ought to have foreseen that their
actions would cause harm a person will be liable of a tort only if
they intend to do harm to others or is negligent in that
reasonable precautions are not taken to prevent foreseeable
Elements of Negligence
Legal liability for negligence is dependent on 3 terms
1. A duty of care
2. A breach of the standard of care
3. Damage or injury that results from the breach
Emergency Action Plan
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