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Lecture 1

Nursing 1160A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: National Council Licensure Examination, Optometry, Therapeutic Relationship

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NURS 1160A/B
Karen Ferguson

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Week 1 – January 5th, 2016 Virginia Polihronova
Introduction to Thinking and Acting like a Nurse
Lecture Notes
Week 1 – January 5th, 2016
Virginia Polihronova
Looking back…
- Education
oApprenticeship era
oBody of academic knowledge that belongs to nursing
oRequirements have greatly increased over time
- Image
oUsed to be a very big focus – white dresses and caps (subservient image)
Easily identified; today it is harder with prevalence of scrubs
oStill is required to look professional
- Role
oMore responsibilities today
Linked to the higher education required for nurses
oPart of the HPC team
oScope of practice statements
Clearly articulate the knowledge and skills needed for nurses
The Future of Nursing
- Education
oEvolvement of knowledge will require a higher level of education to enter practice
- Image
oNeeds to be clarified to the public and other HCP
Not simply physician’s assistants
Gender inclusivity and balance
- Role
oHigher prevalence of community work vs. hospital work
Population shift – geriatric focus; epidemics (ex. diabetes)
oLobbying and advocating for policy changes to achieve health equity
Fully publicly funded health care system
Ex. Dentistry and optometry still private
Better service for vulnerable populations
Ex. Aboriginals
Collaborative teams
Development of leadership in the profession for stronger voices
Especially on government levels – critical for best patient results
Healthy work environments
National competencies for nursing practice
NCLEX examinations for license
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