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Western University
Psychology 2990A/B
Doug Hazlewood

Chapter 10-military psychology War room: in the real world when there is a conflict or a truce, between 2 or more identifiable groups of people Psychology of war: concerned with all elements of combat applied within the context of a combative environment where casualties are anticipate Military psychology: is more much general and covers aspects of war and peace Task analyses: in order to ensure that the right soldier is selected for the right military task Reliability: extent to which one can guarantee an accurate prediction of a recruits ability from performance on a standardized test Occupational psychology: when people figure out what job people should do based on tests and abilities Vicarious learning: apprenticeship, on the job training Learning theory: feedback improves performance Human resource research office: found there were two kinds of fighters, a good fighter group and a poor fighter and use test to try and identify which is which Differences in masculinity: were the most significant ones among that they found between good and poor fighters Experiment-wise error rates: the more tests we conduct the more likely it is by chance alone that we will accept a finding as significant when its not Good fighters: like humour that was witty and sarcastic rather then just telling simple jokes, more emotionally stable and less prone to anxiety or depression Shark-infested river question: had to make it across a rive and only had certain tools to get across and it was used to test how much or a leader someone could be and the test is still used today Difference between twins and leaders: monozygotic twins who are reared together show greater similarities on certain traits like achievement than dizygotic twins who are reared together Identification: of the requisite skills that need to be mastered and mo
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