Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B Lecture 5: Lecture 5: CSD

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Western University
Rehabilitation Sciences
Rehabilitation Sciences 3061A/B
Emily Knight

WEEK 3: Ped, HL, Detection, Assessment Communication Ability to receive, send, process, and comprehend concepts Communication Systems Include: Verbal Nonverbal Graphic symbol What is Speech? Verbal means of communicating or conveying meaning Speech involves several components that work together to convey andor enhance meaning: o Precise motor sequences that produce languagespecific sounds and sound combinations (phonemes) according to rules of the language o Voice quality o Intonation and stress o Rate of production Verbal means of communicating Most common form of language expression Neuromuscular process that involve s planning and execution in order to express language using 3 systems: o Respiration o Phonation o Articulation Speech Disorders: breakdown in one of these 3 systems Normal Speech depends on: o Consistent and even breathstream o Appropriate level and pitch of voice o Precise articulation of phonemes o Fluent production Speech Disorders Articulation and phonology disorders o Distortions, substitutions, and omissions of speech sounds Fluency disorders:
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