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Lecture 8

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Patrick Mc Graw

Astronomy Lecture 8 Brahe and Kepler - Very different personalities - Brahe enjoyed life and he liked to party - Kepler was religious, analyst and theorist. - Brahe called over Kepler to work together - Kepler would go to Brahe to verify his ideas about the universe - Mars was the planet that was most poorly matched Law of ellipses - Kepler’s law 1 (1609) o All the planets are ellipses with the sun as the main focus o Think about it as a stretched out circle o If you measure the distance from one focus and go to another point and then go another focus, the distance is always going to be the same Eccentricity of ellipses - Which two planets have the most eccentric orbits? - Mercury - Earth’s eccentricity is 0.017 - All motion is circular Law of equal areas - Kepler’s law 2 (1609) - A line connecting a plant to the sun sweeps out equal ares in equal intervals of time o Speeds of p
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