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CC210 Lecture Notes - Mental Health Professional, Community Mental Health Service, Involuntary Commitment

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Jennifer Lavoie

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November 9th, 2012
Week 9, friday
Mental Illness and Criminal Justice in Canada
Violence and Mental Illness
Longstanding link between mental illness and violence- media exaggeration
Most violence committed by those w/o SMI
Research studies:
Psychosis: 50% greater risk or perpetrating violence
Attributable effect of serious mental illness is SMALL
3-5x more violent than general public
Males vs. Females?
Much greater risk of being violently victimized
2.5 times more likely than general public.
Factors to perpetrating violence among SMI
Substance Use
Past history of violence, criminality
-Affective-interpersonal defects, anti social lifestyle
Cluster B Pds
-Anti social, borderline, histrionic, Narcissistic
T/CO delusions
Stressful, impoverished, unpredictable living conditions with little support.
Who is at risk for being a victim
Patterns of violence similar whether mental illness present or not
Violence generally aimed at family and friends rather than strangers
-typically spouses
At home, not in public
By men against women
Criminalization of mentall ill:
Crime rate is declining, yet...
Dramatic rise in MD accused's
-Ontario 31% annual increase
31% calls for service involve mentally ill person (VPD)
Closure of residential psychiatric hospitals (1960's)
Failure to develop adequate community mental health services.
What is the forensic system?
“Forensic” means connected to the law or the courts
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