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Lecture 4

CS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Photojournalism, Reproductive Technology, HalftonePremium

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Communication Studies
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Jade Miller

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Sontag reading
What photograph meant to society
To photograph is to appropriate the thing being photographed 174
Pictures provide
Writing vs photo
While a painting or pose description can never be other than a narrowly select9ive
interpretation, a photograph can be treated as a narrowly selective transparency
Social context
Nuclear family as dominant social unit
Multi-generations under one roof model in decline
Documenting for one another
These is an aggression implicit in every use of the camera
Experience as photographer
Life’s purpose: assemblage of photo moments?
Distraction from being disoriented?
Fills awkward moments?
Changes you from passive receiver to active framer?
Early photojournalism Ulrich Keller
1820s- technology of camera photography
1890s- photojournalism
Key: the disconnect between technological possibility and the structures
that support it
o Economic infrastructure
o Organizational infrastructure
What made photojournalism viable
Use of reproduction technology; half-tone illustration reproduction
o More outlets
Development of hand-held (small, fast) cameras, leaving tripods behind
o More subjects, including the trivial
New agency development
o More coverage
o A point is reached where no important event can take place without
extensive photographic coverage
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