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Lecture 6

CS100 Lecture 6: Prediction

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Communication Studies
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Jade Miller

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Week 6 (February 12 , 2018) -- Prediction Invention o Completely new technology o Very rare Innovation o New ways to make a previous technology useful Diffusion of technologies o Projection o New uses o The work of designers, marketers, or innovative users adapting this technology into their lives Electric light o Development is an invention o Any technology following that is an innovation (ex. scrolling LED lights) The phonograph to be used as: o Speaking dolls or toys o Clocks could call out the hour o Advertisements on the streets o Delivering lectures o as a musical instrument Figuring out ways to predict the future Suffering lack of interest sparks the need for a new invention/innovation Certain inventions are seen as useless to our lifestyles Social is hard to predict Nye says we dont really understand ourselves o Technology needed to predict the social is much more complicated Old technologies (200 years ago) have a hard time finding a market Eventual uses: o Investors corporations o Public reaction Nye says the photograph was a combination of public interest and people who wanted to make use of it o Large corporations Nye wants us to remember: o The best design does not always win; in fact, it loses more often o Quality/usefulness and whether something spreads widely is not highly correlated Hushaphone o Never become widely used/popular o Something we would all appreciate o Mouthpiece put over phone and it covered your mouth (nobody could hear your conversations) o Rule that no one could create a third-party technology based on the telephone That is why it was never invented o Sued by Bell? Prediction o People whose entire jobs are seeing technological trends and seeing what is going to happen Both readings state how difficult prediction is 1/3% of scholars predictions come true The Ladies Home Journal o December 1900 o Contained fascinating article by John Elfreth Watkins It is the cultural and social that allows technology to help people Barlow thinks that internet makes face-to-face contact more important Barlow and Utopian visions people with these visions usually have blogs, predictions o Tech development seen as Natural natural progression o Ameliorative improves everyday life o Transformative new machines reshape social reality o Less likely to be in sci-fi movies Dystopian visions o Hegemonic minority gains control via technology
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