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Lecture 11

CS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Block Booking, Studio System, Thomas Edison

Communication Studies
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Jade Miller

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Week 11 (March 26th, 2018) Film and photography
’s: still photogaphy to oig pitues
o Film was adopted in the Victorian era
o Film had a physical copy
o Film was initially developed naturally, once you had still photos, why not have
moving photos
o People started living only with the nuclear family
o Flip book ultiple still iages oig uikly to epeset a fil
Theme: we are not looking at the history of invention (looking at technologies that have
been developed looking at the history of development)
Ealy ’s: ot just tehology ut also
o Infrastructure for
Longer films (10-15 minutes)
Mass simultaneous audience
Group viewing
Ealy ’s: U“A Nikelodeos
o You could pay five cents to go to theatre, stay as long as you want
Social place, talking, eating, etc.
o Known as the unsavoury places typical immigrant places
Lived in crammed apartments
o Mostly showed American films
o Weird things in between movies (magic tricks, etc.)
o Thought Paris would be the future of film
o Cheap films
Ealy ’s: Fae
o France dominated
o High quality films
New York City is where the first headquarters of film were in US
Edison Trust (1908-1915) series of ten firms NEW YORK
o Held 16 patents
o Started as a way to solve litigations (collusion) to control the industry
o Owned the right to essentially everything needed to produce and distribute films
o Almost nothing to do with film without their permission
o Policies
No stars, no credits (
Limits on European imports
Produced by the foot, sold by the foot
Equipment rented by the week
o People resented the Edison Trust (those running the Nickelodeon)
Run by immigrant entrepreneurs
Thomas Edison got the first patent for film
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