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EN119 Lecture Notes - Free Indirect Speech, Frank Davey, Wedding Ring

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Andrea Austin

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Week 9 Lecture 1 March 12th, 2013
Last Day
- Jamaica Inn as historical romance
- Interiority and suture: in medias res; free indirect style
- Broken contract
- More regionalism the lyric
- Intrigue (and monsters)
- Evolution and genre
- In literature, an emphasis on the setting, speech, and customs of a particular location, not
merely as local colour, but as important conditions affecting the temperament of the characters,
and their ways of thinking and interacting
- Regionalism includes
o Landscapes, natural and man-made
o Accents, phrases, language variants
o Mannerisms and customs
o Local lore
- A short poem, expressing the state of mind or perception of a single speaker; lyricism, in forms
other than poetry, suggests extended expression of mental processes, observations, and
memory, modulated by emotion
o Lyric makes heavy use of descriptive pause
- Interior literary device
- Romance
Wrecking ring
Wedding ring
- Joss Merlyn
- Vicar Frank Davey
o Pretends to be a religious man
o Actually involved in devil worship
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