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Lecture 4

FS101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: 180-Degree Rule, Eyeline Match

Film Studies
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Katherine Spring

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January 28th, 2013 WEEK 4
EDITING: the joining toghther of two or more shots.
Shots: An uninterrupted sequence of frames exposed by a motion picture or video camera between the
time it is turned on and turned off.
1. Types of Transitions
Fade in/Fade out
o Fight club
o Brief superimposition
o Boundary line moves across screen
Iris in/Iris out
o Circular mass opens up to reveal new image
2. Relations Between Shots: graphic, rhythmic, spatial, temporal
Graphic “graphic qualities” –
o graphic match (similarity between one scene and the next)
sujjesting narrative things
o Graphic discontinuity
Rhythmic (“tempo”)
o 24 frames-per-second (“fps”)
Eg. 12 frames = ½ second
Eg. 1440 frames = 1 min
Unless it’s the Hobbit.. (48 fps)
o Kuleshov Effect
The meaning of a shot is determined not only by the material content of the
shot but also by its association with the preceding and succeeding shots.
Succribing meaning/feeling to the shot by juxtaposing 2 shots (ascribe
o Creative Geography
Editing to suggest that two locations exist in a continuous space
Temporal (“timing”)
o Flashback/flash-forward
o Montage sequence
Highlight reel?
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