HI127 Lecture 2: Lecture 1 Jan 7

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29 Jul 2016
May 1724: A General History of Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates
by Captain Charles Johnson. This book caught the attention of many in London England.
It was full of stories and biographies of famous pirates. Our image of the pirate came out
of this book
Konstam: Pirates = Deadly violent plunderers
Marcus Redicker: pirates were egalitarian and comrades. The divided the spoils equally.
Privateer: an individual licensed by a government to attack and plunder ships from other
enemy nations. They receive a letter or a marque, this is their contract
Buccaneer: English, French, or Dutch raiders who prayed on the Spanish during the 17th
C. Filibuster, French word for
Swashbuckler: 20th C term for a pirate in literature and film
Pirate: someone who robs from others at sea and who acts beyond the law, regardless of
nationality. This implies 1. Phenomenon at sea 2. They are beyond the law, there must be
some sort of maritime law. This is a broader definition.
*any quotes on prezi are from Konstams book
Ancient Pirates:
1. Lukkans- 1340 BCE
2. Sea Peoples- 1220-1186 BCE
3. Cilicians -133
Egypt – New Kingdom
Lukkans raid Cyprus- 1340BCE
Based in modern day Turkey. They had appeared to have allied with the Kindom
We know about them through letters that we written.
All we truly know is that they plundered Cyprus
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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