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Lecture 7

Lecture Seven: The Slut/The Stud

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York University
ANTH 3240
Allyson Mitchell

Lecture Seven: The Slut/The Stud October 26, 2011 Ideology The process by which the set of values or beliefs that bind individuals become naturalized. Beliefs and values are not natural or inherent. - They come out of a cultural history Ideologies tend to hide or mask the actual history that the values and beliefs come out of. The Good Whore/The Bad Whore For many women, it is an economic reality that they must resort to prostitution in order to make money. There are two different types: the good whore and the bad whore. The “Good” Whore - seen as perhaps a smart girl who has made wrong choices, or who is trying to pay their way through school ect. This type of whore usually white, hypersexualized, and higher class (such as a high paid escort or call girl) The “Bad” Whore - seen as a women of which there is something wrong with, and this is her only way to make money. Usually of lower class, and of an ethnic minority. Where Does the Sale of Sex Become Prostitution? Prostitution is the selling of sex and one’s body in order to make money. By this definition, there are many people in different industries who may be considered to be “prostitutes” In the entertainment industry, artists pose naked or use their bodies to sell artwork, albums, magazine covers ect. - When does this become prostitution? Also, women who pose for Playboy or other magazines/publications where they are naked are essentially selling their bodies as well. - Does this count as prostitution? The “Slut” Label A slut is typically known to refer to a female who has had sex with many different people. - It was determined that other girls, many of which have never even had sex were labelled sluts - Poor girls, girls who dress a certain way, girls who have been sexually abused, girls who have developed early ect It was found that girls who were labelled this often would become sexually promiscuous and essentially live up to the label, even if they had not been this way before. It is easier to fit the reputation than fight it. Hegemony Hegemony - an explanation of how ideologies get digested and lived by masses of people. Hege
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