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Lecture 27

BIOL 1001 Lecture Notes - Lecture 27: Speciation

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BIOL 1001
Alexander Mills

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the End- Extinction
o MYA
oDec 11th
the End- Extinction
o MYA
oDec 26th
oExtinction of the Dinosaurs
the End- Boundary
 is Common in Asteroids …
o… BUT not in most Earth geological formations
Recovery After the 
oinitially, Terrestrial Ecosystems around the world were radically simpli'ed
o… and the Marine Diversity remained Low for 4-8 million years
o 
'll the niches …
… left empty by the extinction of the dinosaurs
oWithin 10-15 mya
all the Major Mammal Orders living Today had appeared
Fossil Record
 often produce …
o!"#$ = a Large Phylogenies = # in
Phylogenetic Trees
oAdaptive Radiations represent speciation events which are so rapid …
… therefore, the order of branching cannot be resolved
If Rapid Speciation in a Single Lineage is followed by Divergence into many
di7erent Adaptive Forms…
… Then a Process known as Adaptive Radiation has taken place
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