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BioL1500 Lecture November 4. docx

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BIOL 1500
Tanya Da Sylva

Bio Lecture November 4 Evolution  Darwin travelled in ship  He made observations  Began to notice on Galapagos islands  Massive upheaval in biology that  Fossil discoveries  There are organisms that once existed that don’t exist anymore  Earth changed overtime.  Also plants and animals changed overtime  Darwin observations o 1 All species have such great potential fertility o 2 Populations tend to remain stable in size  Their sizes don’t fluctuate. The resources they have to use to eat. o 3 Environmental resources are limited o 4 individuals of a population vary extensively in their characteristics o 5 much of this variation is heritable  Flora and Fauna  No 2 animals are the same or identical.  From these observations he made inferences  In 1859 he published the origin of species o Descent with modification, evolution  Natural selection o Observations  Heritable variations in individuals  Overproduction of offspring o inferences  Individuals well suited to the environment tend to leave more offspring  Over time favourable traits accumulate in the population  Can individuals evolve? o No, you cant change their genetic material. Their genotype. o But populations can change overtime. How many of different alleles are around o Thus individuals don’t evolve, populations evolve.
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