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Lecture 8

BIOL 3070 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Acidosis, Bohr Effect, Alkalosis

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Lecture 8 Slides
CO2 binding would lead to decrease the binding of Hemoglobin to oxygen.
When CO2 is low, the affinity of HB binding to Oxygen would increase.
When CO2 is high, the affinity oh HB binding to Oxygen would decrease
o this leads to the unloading of oxygen in places where Carbon dioxide is high
o Loading where CO2 is low
o Decrease the pH, would decrease the affinity of Hb-O2 and leads to unloading of oxygen
o Increase the pH, would increase the affinity of Hb-O2 and loading of oxygen.
o Increasing the temperature decreases the solubility of O2 in the environment and the
affinity of Hb-O2 would decrease
o Decreasing the temperature increases the solubility of O2 in the environment and
the affinity of Hb-O2 would increase.
Arctic animals:
They can allow the limbs to be at a lower temperature than the core
body where the O2 delivery would be impaired and decreased, so O2
would not be released easily due to the increase in the affinity
Organic Phosphate:
o Increasing the organic phosphate lowers the affinity of Hb-O2
Because the organic phosphate binds to the deoxygenated Hb which will
compete with the binding of Oxygen to Hb (conformational change)
o Decreasing the organic phosphate would increase the affinity
Hypoxia (lower oxygen): in mammals
o Increases ventilation in order to increase the amount of Oxygen
This would lead to alkalosis which is (increasing the pH of the blood) THIS SHIFTS
This increases the amount of organic phosphate to shift the curve
towards the right (due to the decrease in the affinity)
Water breathing animals HYPOXIA:
o Acidosis lower pH the affinity decreases the curve shifts to the right
This leads to decreasing the amount of ATP and./or GTP (shits the curve to the
o In MAMMALS, Acidosis would lead to the decrease in the amount of organic phosphate
BOHR EFFECT: for changes in pH
o Is more pronounced in animals that have higher metabolic rates such as warm blooded
animals (humans and mammals), not usually said for cold blooded animals (like reptiles)
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