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Abnormal Psychology- Diseases lecture.docx

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Ardeshir Noordeh

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Abnormal Psychology Predatory VirusesJune 12201313 Qs on ADHD on final chap 15Predatory VirusesThe Great Plagues animalsa lot of plagues have come from animals Ex Monkeys birds ducksrats etcVD Tertiary Syphillis 1492 AD Columbus sailed had originally came outta Espanola Island Some said it came from Europe but the Island more likely is to where it had originated Its a passenger virus with aids VideoUS was testing Syphillis treatments on prisoners in Guatemala in disgusting ways thisresearch was done in 1940sone of the doctors involved went on to conduct the Tuskgee experimentswhere in America knew men had syphilishad a cure at this time and didnt treat because wanted to see effects of the disease Doctors going against the hypcratic oathSome people have been sterilized from having children who had epilepsy so could not pass on to childrenEugenicsa pseudosciencetrying to make your race superior used to test drugs on race that you considered inferiorEncephalitis LethargicaSacks Oepidemic that hit in 1920sDr Bradleys Postencephalitic Disorder later on we called it ADHD in Children Video Atypical findings for years found out they were patients that had survived encepahitis had frozen states that were still aware similar to a patient in coma Used to be in hospitals all over states and Canada tooUsed to be called catatonic schizophrenics Polio 1950sSalk JSabine L Hit middle east in 50s 60s and in America They would go swimming and next day be paralyzed they ended up being in oxygen tanks it has cause bells palsy eg Jean Chretiens had polio when younger Jonis Folk came up with a vaccine from a green monkeys of Africa took out virus that was deadwas injectable he was not in it for the money Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1980s flu like symptoms that mimics the aids virus too ill to work school socially isolated because of this No energy to do anything want to sleep all the time Bed riden for months and years enlarged spleen memory loss pain in muscles not even sure how it is transmittedhas other names like Epstein barr virus yuppy virus etcnot all patients get same symptoms Chronically get throat infections sleep very prolonged Always tiredNow called Fibromyalgia because at one point the CDC did not recognize it as a virus Only way to get health aids was to rename it
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