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Tess Takahashi

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Transcoding Transcoding is the direct digital-to-digital conversion of one encoding to another. This is usually done to incompatible or obsolete data in order to convert it into a more suitable format. When transcoding one lossy file to another, the process almost always introduces generation loss. In true transcoding, the bit stream format of one file is changed from one to another without its undergoing another complete decoding and encoding process. This usually is possible if the source and target codes are sufficiently similar. However, support for this process very much depends on the case. The most popular method of transcoding is to decode the original data to an intermediate format in a way that still contains the content of the original, and then encoding the resulting file into the target format. 1. What we see on a computer screen makes sense to its human users=Images feature recognizable objects; text files consist from grammatical sentences; virtual spaces are defined along the familiar Cartesian coordinate system. 2. But, their structure now follows the established conventions of computer’s organization of data. For ex, different data structures such as lists, records and arrays; substitutions by variable; the separation between algorithms and data structures; and modularity. The Structure of a com
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