KINE 2049 Lecture Notes - Syphilis, Urban Legend, Nuremberg Code

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Published on 17 Apr 2013
York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 2049
November 4, 2009
KINE 2049
.Professor discussing getting the Swine Flu Shot - showing email of why
it may not be a good idea to get the shot.
.Professor said it would be a good idea to check out this Dr. Blaylock to
see if he is legitimate.
.He was in the military in 1976.
.Professor said maybe he is trying to scare you to get into vitamins to
avoid the Swine Flu Shot.
.It is an urban myth buster site.
.If you have something that you have heard that is circulating and it
will tell you whether it is legitimate or not.
.Professor entered Blaylock's name.
.He is also anti-aspartame which is an artificial sweetener that could
cause cancer.
.Last class doing Nested IF statements.
.Let's suppose you want to write a nested If statement.
.Logical test =IF(B3>100,"....professor changed slides.
COUNTIF Function (for Lab 7)
.The COUNTIF Function allows us to figure out how many of a certain items
are found in a list of items.
.Suppose in your business that you funded you sell product nutrition bars
and they come in a number of flavours and at the end of each week you
need to do an inventory.
.Syntax for COUNTIF
Counts the number of cells within a range that meet the given criteria.
COUNTIF (range, criteria)
Range - is the range of cells from which you want to count cells.
Criteria-is the criteria in the form of a number, expression, or text
that defines which cells will be counted. For example, criteria can be
expressed as 32, "32", >"32", "applies".
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