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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Page 1 - We are all the same, using cells as building blocks - Possibilities that things could go wrong, but most of it is correct - Some form of internal communication to function, aka homeostasis Page 2 - All begin from the same type of cells - Evolve into more specialized cells - Specialized cells evolve into systems Page 3 - Not many rooms for error, a single error can lead to huge problems - All the organs have different functions, so they need a way to communicate in order to function as a whole - Constantly strive to avoid chance in the body - To attain this, we require a feedback system - We're familiar with being hot/cold - When real problems with temperature occur, we start sweating, breathing faster - For these both to work together, they require communication Page 4 - Example, eyes detect the change, brain is the integrator (not always, sometimes the kidney), muscles are the effector to reach the pen before it drops - They are all similar responses, but they are very complex, these receptor, integrator and effector need to work/communicate - Basically, homeostasis is there because we want to stay the same - Return to the way we were Page 5 - Organism, sweating/getting off the car/ - System, renal system, blood pressure - Local, within the organ - Intracellular, area between the organs - Intracellular, within the cells - All these small things can cause changes leading until the organism level - Internal pool which can consist of anything *water, carbohydrate, fats* - Homeostasis is a bank account, we put in 100$ and remove 100$ - Loss of homeostasis, e.g. you're intake of energy is more than your usage of energy will lead to obesity Page 6 - Most systems exist at set points, body temperature 37'C - We have ways to sense all this and maintain them - Everyone may have different body temperature, but if we average everyone it will average 37'C - Every fish/animal has different set points for homeostasis Negative Feedback - The response counteracts the initial stimulus - Most systems are negative feedback to maintain set points Page 7 Positive Feedback - e.g
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