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Lecture 1

NATS 1670 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Peanut Allergy, House Dust Mite, Allergy


Natural Science
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NATS 1670
Mordechay Anafi

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Allergies catch-up from lecture Jan 9 1/11/18
RECAP: Immune system does good for us, activate artificially to have immune system prepared
(vaccines) but there are still problems from immune system.
Immune system makes us feel sick, not the pathogen. Immune system symptoms makes us know that
immunity is working. Interferon? Only when exposed to the drug do we feel the side effects of the
Allergies : sometimes immune system works against wrong enemy or even no enemy at all this is an
allergy or an auto immune disease. (joints destroyed fro auto iue, defored figers…?) auto
immune disease treatment is very different from allergies.
Food (peanuts)
Seasonal (polin)
Indoors ( secretion from dust mites, fine powder that can be inhaled)
Immunity/infection balance = no disease
However if immunity works more for no reason =allergy
Immuno Globilin type E- IGe is important for immunity. Type of antibody against large pathogen.
Most of us not exposed to those type of antigens so IGe will not be expressed in our system.
Peanuts and Polin have antigens that are similar to antigens that are found in certain ______
and they are activating allergy reaction. These similarities are making immune system act up
even though its not supposed to. This is why we have more problems with these allergens than
Allergy what it is
Allergies really just happen because immune system is responding to something that looks like a
pathoge ee though it’s harless. This is oe of the as to trigger IGe. Allergies are
abnormal sensitivities to antigens in environment.
Allergic reactions can be to many things, usually people just sensitive to one but they can be
sensitive to a few.
Dust mites can cause a reaction around the ear, usually happens indoors.
Outdoor seasonal- usually polin. There are a lot of polins that can cause a reaction, can come at
different times of year or from different types of plants.
Mechanism for allergic reaction
Antigen is not regular, it is something innocent such as your cat. (IGm>IGg rather allergy
reactions is when only IGe is involved.)
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