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Lecture 4


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PSYC 3550
Igor Kusyszyn

CREATIVITY PSYCHOLOGY LECTURE 4: JANUARY 30TH, 2013 ➔ Refer to shape diagram example ◦ Making a square using the idea of reversal ◦ Can you design something using empty space ◦ If not like this then it would be impossible to make a square ➔ Video 2: Wheelchair Comic Chris Fonseca (10 minutes) ◦ Stand up comedian uses reversal to turn the fact that he is paraplegic into a positive. He makes fun of himself. ◦ Example: his wife is deaf and he says she never listens to him. Ha ha ➔ Video: Farts ◦ Power of reversal ◦ Scented farts → negative to positive ➔ Video 1: Intuition ~David Suzuki (60 minutes) ◦ Is intuition more than just a series of lucky breaks? ◦ Suzuki's mom woke up crying saying her mother died. They received a letter that she did. Chance? ESPN? ◦ Example: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell ◦ Amazon ▪ They believe that they go into the future, gain information, and use it in the present ➔ Arctic ◦ Intuitives → generally respected ◦ Some feel intuition is spooky, others feel it is a part of consciousness ◦ They are trying to develop tools to study intuitive people ▪ Example: they look at pictures on a computer and anticipate sad pictures before they're shown ◦ Evidence ▪ Person starts sweating before picture is shown ▪ Anticipating future shock ▪ Autonomic nervous system reacts just before emotional picture ◦ Intuition ▪ Requires repeatable scientific evidence ◦ Premonition of danger ▪ Enormous survival value ▪ Example: woman pictures a missing girl people thought was dead in a boiler room. She was found. ◦ Criticisms for science ▪ Maybe not everything is absolute ◦ They give an intuitive woman a bloody shirt from a murder (*can teach people to be intuitive*) ▪ She re enacts the whole murder in detail ◦ Intuitive people say it is energy that connects us ▪ They cannot explain themselves how they do so ▪ Same as how those with a logical mind having been using it for years and yet you cannot explain how it works ➔ Dr. Tarde speaks about psychic phenomenon (physics) ◦ Elementric particles (protons) → stay
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