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Lecture 4

PSYC 3550 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: David Suzuki, Edgar Mitchell, January 30

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PSYC 3550
Igor Kusyszyn

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Refer to shape diagram example
Making a square using the idea of reversal
Can you design something using empty space
If not like this then it would be impossible to make a square
Video 2: Wheelchair Comic Chris Fonseca (10 minutes)
Stand up comedian uses reversal to turn the fact that he is paraplegic into a positive. He
makes fun of himself.
Example: his wife is deaf and he says she never listens to him. Ha ha
Video: Farts
Power of reversal
Scented farts → negative to positive
Video 1: Intuition ~David Suzuki (60 minutes)
Is intuition more than just a series of lucky breaks?
Suzuki's mom woke up crying saying her mother died. They received a letter that she did.
Chance? ESPN?
Example: Astronaut Edgar Mitchell
They believe that they go into the future, gain information, and use it in the present
Intuitives → generally respected
Some feel intuition is spooky, others feel it is a part of consciousness
They are trying to develop tools to study intuitive people
Example: they look at pictures on a computer and anticipate sad pictures before they're
Person starts sweating before picture is shown
Anticipating future shock
Autonomic nervous system reacts just before emotional picture
Requires repeatable scientific evidence
Premonition of danger
Enormous survival value
Example: woman pictures a missing girl people thought was dead in a boiler room. She
was found.
Criticisms for science
Maybe not everything is absolute
They give an intuitive woman a bloody shirt from a murder (*can teach people to be
She re enacts the whole murder in detail
Intuitive people say it is energy that connects us
They cannot explain themselves how they do so
Same as how those with a logical mind having been using it for years and yet you
cannot explain how it works
Dr. Tarde speaks about psychic phenomenon (physics)
Elementric particles (protons) → stay connected through distance
Quantum interconnectedness (Quantum mechanics)
Allows psychic to stay connected to a location
It is some type of transfer. (We do not fully understand yet)
p. 95 of Creativity Kit → “The Life Force”
We are part of this force
To articulate this we are redefining our identity
Example: energy → get in touch with self then we will know where we should be
All life is connected → wholeness
Noetic Science
It is how beliefs, thoughts and intentions affect the physical world.
Example: our thoughts have weight (like matter) because of a gravitational force → when a
person dies they weigh less. Thoughts leave the body?
Distant Healing → improve health of distant person
Dr. Elizabeth Tarde (AIDS patients in study)
Some feel a sense of prayer
Some feel the sense of shockras (energy)
Some feel a spiritual communication
Fewer illnesses found found after the 6 month follow up study
AID patients/healer or positive people wishing upon their health found for study
ResultsAIDS group who had wellness wished upon them → fewer
illnesses/more survived longer than the group who did not receive this distant
healing. The healers prayed for them for example: Accept the prayers even if you do
not believe because it will still work
Quantum Hologram
Associated with all physical matter
Particles that carry all physical information (example: about our body, a cup)
Particle Wave (matter)→ ENERGY LIFE FORCE = SPIRIT p. 95 Creativity Kit
Interconnection with physics
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell spends months in space
Starts seeing particular dreams/images on a daily basis
Become conscious of our intuitive realizations about the world around us
Everything that ever lived or existed, exists now. Energy fields (possibly) from 2000
years ago still exist
We die and we lose our life force. It goes into other living things.
Regeneration example: cherry tree produces cherries every year → How is this
Example: Courtship
Random guy/girl get together and have a healthy baby. How? They're two random