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Eric Mykhalovskiy

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Exam in Friday 14th 7p rm C LAS *** = On the exam Review  ***Intersectionality various part of health don’t operate singularly or individually. o What is intersectionality and how is it important?  Social gradient the more money you make the better your health.  When we are talking about social determinant of health we don’t want to talk individuals but we also want to look at the collective community.  Sex and gender and determinant of health sex and gender as a concept, and their relationship with each other o Sex is a categorization of living beings this categorization is based on the male and female depended on genital o Sex calls to mind for us the certain stability of physiology when thinking about health. o Sex is also produced socially  When we begin to think about gender we want to draw out attention to the socially constructed meaning attached to sex.  In regard to social determinant of health gender difference in health have a biological and social difference Definitions  Race: race is social construct. o Categories of distinction between humans o We think of race similar to gender as a categorization and biologically produced and historical contingent this meaning can change. E.g. in the early 1900s eastern Europeans were not considered white but now that does not apply o Race a false belief and practices that follow from the belief that race is a determinant of human complacent and that racial groups can be identified and one racial group is superior to the other based on physiological factors.  Actions attached to attitudes that marginalize individuals.  Can occur consciously or unconsciously  It is also supported socially through broader constructs of society which are, education system, policing, immigrant policies, o Race is attached to only human beings well sex is applied to animals too.  Racialization: racial categories socially produced o Eastern Europeans were described as livestock in the early 1900s.  Ethnicity: sociologists refer to ethnicity as a group w
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