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Social Science
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

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SOSC Lecture #2 Jan 23 2014 – Writing center. Ross 311 Scholars Portal – Run by Ontario Universities Ipl2 – American website All the web – Library style search engine Deep focus but relatively narrow Academic credentials Variety of viewpoints Scholarly Press or Journal following peer review Includes citations and a substantial bibliography 4. Voices From The Patriarchy • UNICEF ranks Canada 12 out of 24 in their study. 2007 st • US Ranked 21 • 2012, Canada was 17 . US was 23 rd • Global Gender Gap. Based on gender equality th • 2008, 125 countries. Canada ranked 18 . • US ranked 22 nd th • 2009, Canada 25 • US, 31 st • Center for Global development  Commitment to development progress. Use 22 countries • 2009, CND 11 . US 17 th • Studies suggest children do well where women do well • Nature dictates: women are inferior, not creatures of reason, only compliment men not measure up to them • Plato: Women can become honorary men • Difference in males and females is by environment • 3
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