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SOSC 1910 Lecture Notes - Clan Maclean, Human Rights In Canada, Toronto Star

Social Science
Course Code
SOSC 1910
Kerry Taylor

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Jan 23, 2012
There is an image of Canada as a white Canada. Racialized Canadians are
seen as foreigners who are unlawful and undesirable. Racialized Canadians
face hardships.
These groups have demanded apologizes and other forms of redresses that
would create better opportunities for them.
Social Value and Market Value of Race
“Racialization or the social construction of race produces two major outcomes in
race. First, there is social ____ which is manifested in the Canadians view of which
groups are socially desirable or undesirable according to racial origin. Second,
racial groupings are associated with unequal earnings in the market, but those of
European origins have higher averaged earnings than non-white Canadians. The
disparity persists even after intergroup differences in schooling and other
factors are taken into account.”
“The social value and market value associated with racial origin shows how
society can be developed. Concrete manifestations of what otherwise would be
an abstract notion of race.” Peter Lee
Race is something that is imagined. The concept of black, white, etc. are socially
The dominant group controlled land in order to discriminate blacks.
Market Value & Social Value Blacks were seen as having low social value. They
were seen as unworthy of occupying the land.
Social Exclusion
Peter Lee-- This has happened through the historical institutionalization of
discrimination and race. Legal and customary sanctions that uphold the
economic supremacy under one rope, which is the white rope, in society over the
racialized group.
The groups benefiting from these institutionalized rules defend these
normalized rules or sanctions that prohibitually condemn through systemic
rules and policies. These structures reproduce themselves and ensure that the
process of privilege continue in this way that exclusion and privilege in Canada
is institutionalized and systemically structured around race, gender, and class.
A process of dehumanization
Racial discrimination follows a process of dehumanization and dehumanizing
the oppressed. It provides the dominant group the mindset that legitimizes
discrimination and avoids responsibility.
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