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Auckland University of Technology
Shirin Brown

115132: History, Culture, Context 1 The New Hollywood Context: amongst political and generational strife of the late 1960s and 1970s. Many movemnts of social change were underway during this time, such as: · civil rights · feminism · gay liberation · environmental · hippie generation Iconic Films · ‘Easy Rider’1969 · ‘The Godfather’1972 · ‘American Grafitti’1973 · ‘Mean Streets’1974 · ‘Apocalypse Now’1979 The ‘New Hollywood’directors were informed and inspired by European art cinema (especially the French New Wave) andAmerican underground film such as Kenneth Anger and Any Warhol’s work. They explicitly engage with the troubled times and seek out new methods to tell their distinctlyAmerican narratives. Film School (movie brats) Anumber of film school educated directors emerged in the early 1970s: · Francis Ford Coppola => UCLA · George Lucas => University of Southern California · Martin Scorsese => NYU · Steven Spielberg => California State College at Long Beach Coppola and Scorsese also worked for Roger Corman, a producer of exploitation films who also distributed European art films. Other ‘New Hollywood’directors who worked for Corman include; Bogandovich, Hellman, and Hopper. Roger Corman · Master of theAmerican exploitation film · Corman forged a reputation in creative filmmaking on means so minimal it was absurd · Career began in the mid 1950s · He produced/directed; Westerns, Gangster movies, Mythological spectacles, Teen
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