COMM-099 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Reading Education In The United States, Programmed Learning, Truism

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The New Society makes imperative the reorientation of
certain aspects of Philippine Education. One of the areas
where reform is needed is in teaching methodology and
evaluative techniques. Department Order no. 6, s.
1973, dated February 21,1973, provides that in order
to contribute to the development of the New Society,
there is a need to ͆upgrade and revise teaching
methodology to make it more productive of results
particularly in achieving changes in attitudes and
values which must be reflected in a marked change in
conduct and behavior of the products of our schools͇
Place of Method in the Educative Process
In the educative process the three most important
factors are:
The Child
The Teacher
The Subject Matter
Child who is to be educated is considered the most
important factor.
Teacher is necessary to guide him in the educative
Importance of Method
Method is probably more important in the elementary
grades than in high school or college where the
students are more mature and can study by themselves.
The learning of young children must be guided and
method provides this guidance.
Meaning of Method
The word method comes from Greek methodos, which
in turn come from two Greek words: meta(after) and
hodos (way). The dictionary defines it as a general or
established way of doing anything or the means or
manner by which it is presented or taught.
Relationship between Method of Teaching and
Method of Learning
Teaching and learning are just two sides of the same
coin. Method facilitates learning. Since, a psychologists
tell us, there are many different ways of learning,
there should be different methods of teaching.
In any method certain definite steps are necessary as a
guide to the learner. Hence, method should follow
psychological principles in the learning process. A
method is good if it causes a child to learn.
Function of Method
Method forms the bridge between the child and
subject matter, the former at one end and the
latter at the other.
Method makes learning easier.
Method also links the child and the society.
inductive method educates the child to think logically.
deductive method educates the child to postpone
judgements until further verification.
*Factors that determine Method
1.The educational objective and the aim of the lessons.
2.Nature of the subject matter or the lesson.
3.The nature of the learners.
4.School equipment and facilities .
5.The teacher.
Distinction among Method, Device and Technique
A teacher should make good use of teaching
devices or materials. A device is a little method.
It is a teaching aid or a tool to facilitate
It is any means, usually concrete, used to make
the teaching clearer, more meaningful, and
more interesting. Pictures, flash cards, and
objects are example of devices.
The teacher’s procedure comprised the
method of teaching. He may be relating a story
and therefore is using the telling method. To
make the story more graphic and interesting,
the teacher may use pictures. The pictures are
devices or teaching aids.
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