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Lecture 4

PHIL-105 FA2 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Cardinal Virtues, Agathon, Avantgarde Music

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PHIL-105 FA2

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Lecture Notes 2/3/2017
Friday, February 3, 2017
1:01 PM
By saying that no good play write can be good unless they can write both a comedy and tragedy, it
eludes to love itself in that requires people to be in love through both the good and the bad
A tragic play ends in a tragedy and a marriage ends in a death
Does a funeral show more love than a wedding (everyone is showing love towards the loved
one, not just the bride and the groom)
Every funeral prefigures a funeral because you are expecting this to end only be death
Love is more than just a happy expression but an expectation that there will be tragedy along
the way of your love story
Aristophanes says that Zeus splits the original human in half and the goal of life is to find your other half
that you have lost
Zeus cut us in half because they were too strong and were crawling all over the place
You spend life with this incompleteness and a search for your other half
Love is the desire for completeness
The original scene is an act of violence and being fundamentally wounded
Love is the desire to some how stop the bleeding
Comedian giving a VERY tragic story
When they meet each other, they cling so tightly to try and heal the wound but they are unable
to and they just keep on dying
He doesn't just give a description of what it means to be in love but also describes what it means
to be human
Love is a very precarious thing
The meaning of life is focused on finding this other half that you have lost and that there is only
one person out there for you to find in life (the idea of soulmates)
Is it about the person or about the feeling of being complete?
Agathon says that Love is the youngest god and that he is the most virtuous
The four cardinal virtues: just, courageous, moderate, wise
The god of love is the best
Stop talking about what is great that love does for you but instead talk about how love himself is
just great
Speaking in a sophist style of speech
Socrates says that this was a very pretty speech and that he didn’t want to go last because he doesn’t
want to be tongue tied after such a beautiful speech but none of it was true
There is a difference between beauty and truth
When you start talking about love you talk about the beloved instead of the act of lover
Agathon's problem is that he is describing the wrong thing
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