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Lecture 27

BIO 1801 Lecture 27: Lecture 27 bio 1801

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BIO 1801
Ray S.Williams

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clicker Question: This illustrates _____, as a ____ allele allows for genotype determination a test cross, recessive clicker Question: If a Tall(T) is dominant to short (t) for plant size and yellow (Y) dominant to green (y) for seed color; what isi the probability (expressed as a decimal) of getting a tall green seed plat if a heterozygous tall yellow seed plant is crossed with a homozygous tall green seed plant TtYy x TTyy TT TT Tt Tt Yy yy Yy yy 1 x (1/2) = 0.5 Multiple Alleles 3 or more alleles for a given trait Phenotype depends on which 2 alleles are inherited codominace (ex. would be AB blood type) clicker question: A man with type AB blood and a woman with type O blood could have children with what blood type(s)? Ai Bi Ai Bi role of the environment • people have gotten taller Chapter 17 • all or nearly all trains are influenced by many gene - polygenic Epistasis • alleles of one gene mask the expression of the alleles of another gene • often arise because 2 or more different proteins involved in a single cellular function • ex. flower cross, they used two white plants and wanted to produce more white plants but instead got purple plants. This is because multiple genes are involved ◦ was white when homozygous recessive • one gene masks the effect of another Discrete Traits • clearly defined phenotypic variants Quantitiave traits • traits determined by more than one gene (polygenetic) and they work on a continuum, aka there is a
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