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Lecture 6

BIO 2400 Lecture 6: Ch. 6

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Appalachian State University
BIO 2400
Annkatrin Rose

Ch. 6 Linkage and Genetic Mapping • Problem with Mendel’s Laws? o More genes than chromosomes… ▪ Each chromosome must carry many genes ▪ If genes are on same chromosome, expect linked assortment • Linkage o 1. Genes are transmitted as a unit ▪ Inheritance pattern of linked assortment ▪ Linked genes do not follow Mendel’s Law of Independent Assortment • Crosses do not produce ratios predicted by Mendel’s Laws o 2. Two or more genes are located on the same chromosome ▪ They are physically linked by being located on the same molecule of DNA ▪ Linkage groups (=chromosome) • Experimental Evidence for Linkage o Bateson and Punnet’s experiment with pea plants o Morgan and Sturevant’s experiments with fruit flies  Which of the following ratios would indicate linked assortment in a Dihybrid testcross? 3:1:1:3  heterozygous cross  3:0:0:1 • Linked Alleles can be separated in meiosis o Crossing over ▪ During prophase of meiosis I ▪ Leads to new combinations of alleles= genetic recombina
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