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Lecture 24

BIO 2400 Lecture 24: Ch. 24

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Annkatrin Rose

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Ch. 24 • Genes in Populations o Population genetics= study of genetic variation within the gene pool and how it changes from one generation to the next o Gene pool= all the allele in a population ▪ Only individuals that reproduce contribute to the gene pool of the next generation • Genes come in different alleles o Polymorphic genes exist as 2 or more alleles in a population o Monomorphic gene exists predominately as a single allele ▪ At least 99% of the population o Variation can be even a single-nucleotide polymorphism ▪ 90% of variation between people • Allele and Genotype Frequencies o Allele frequency= Number of copies of an allele in a population Total number of all alleles for that gene in a population o Genotype frequency= # of individuals w/ particular genotype in a population Total number of all individuals in a population • Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium o Relates allele and genotype frequencies in a population o o      Phenylketonuria occurs in about 1 in 10,000 newborns. ▪ What is the frequency of carriers (heterozygotes) in the population? • 1 in 50 o Hardy
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