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Lecture on Membrane Transport
Lecture on Membrane Transport

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Arizona State University
BIO 181
Kenneth Mossman

Membrane Transport  Membrane Transport  Molecules move across the membranes because they possess an inherent kinetic energy that causes them to be in a state of constant motion  In living organisms, small molecules and ions constitute solutes that usually are dissolved in water (the solvent) o These dissolved solutes form the biological solutions that support life  A difference in solute concentrations across a selectively permeable membrane creates a concentration gradient  Diffusion  Random movement of solutes due to kinetic energy  The mechanism that drives the spontaneous movement of small, nonpolar solutes across a membrane  Osmosis  Occurs when solutions of different concentrations are separated by a membrane that’s permeable to water but NOT the solutes  Water moves spontaneously across the membrane toward the solution with the higher solute (lower water) concentration  Volume change  If solution outside is higher concentration, water moves out o Cells shrinks/shrivels; hypertonic; crenation (plasmolysis in plants)  If solution outside is low
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