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Lecture 16

CHM 114 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Principal Quantum Number, Wave Equation, Photon

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CHM 114
George Wolf

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Lecture 16
deBroglie Matter Waves (1921)
combined Einstein’s expression for the energy of a photon with general expression for
energy from Einstein’s theory of relativity
assumed that electrons had same “wave-particle” relation between wavelength and
applying this equation to the Bohr orbits, he found:
n * lambda electron = 2 π rn
E = h*(c/lambda) = p*c
p = h/lambda
lambda = h/p
lambda electron = 2πrn/n
Modern Quantum Mechanics
Schrodinger Wave Equation
H = hv
p = h/lambda
Hydrogen Atom
Quantized Energy Levels
En = -1/n^2 RH*hc = -1/n^2 & 13.6eV
1/lambdaphoton = Rh(1/n^2 - 1/n^2)
Energies of hydrogenic atomic orbitals only depends on the principle quantum
number, n
Each row represents a shell
Nodal Planes (or Angles)
p orbitals 1 nodal plane
d orbitals 2 nodal planes
p type orbitals
l = 1
d type orbitals l = 2
Electron Spin
electron behaves as if it were spinning about an axis through its center. Electron
spin generates a magnetic field. The directions of spin correspond to the two
possible values. ms = +- 1/2
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