CSE 120 Lecture 1: Logical and Binary Systems, ANDOR, NAND-NOR Logic, Truth Tables, Realizations

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Arizona State University
Computer Science and Engineering
CSE 120

CSE 120 Lecture One Notes Logical and Binary Systems, ANDOR, NANDNOR Logic, Truth tables, Realizations Logical and Binary Systems Digital circuits process signals that contain just two levelsstates Logic 0 Logic 1 represents a higher voltage Typically referred to as a HIGH value Logic 1 Logic 0 represents a lower voltage Typically referred to as a LOW value Each discrete voltage levels are referred to as Binary Digits or Binary BITS Binary number system is a Base2 number system Follows the same rules as other mathematical systems like Base10 For example: Instead of powers of ten (10 ) binary numbers use power of two (2 ) ANDOR This acronym represents two logic gates AND OR AND gate If 0 is called false and 1 is called true, the gate acts in the same way as a logical and operator OR gate Acts in the fashion as a logical or The output is true if either or both of the inputs true If both are false, then the output will be false as well
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