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Concrete Industry Management
CIM 206

Esteban Rosas English 116 661 Prof. Bustos April 19, 2017 The Journey to El Otro Lado Mexican immigrants can be viewed in many ways depending on personal preference and how people view their media portrayal. Mexicans in this country are often viewed very negatively with the common concern that they are coming to take our jobs. Where if you look at it from a statistical standpoint this is not true indeed. Nationally, 25 (of 1.4 million) crop laborers are U.S. citizens; 21 are legal immigrant workers (including H2a workers); and 53 are illegal workers (National Agricultural Workers Survey). This further depicts the idea in which many migrant workers come to take the most undesirable jobs for sometimes illegal wages that are below minimum wage, they are not coming for high ranking positions or jobs that require higher levels of education. However, they do not care because they are just happy to have made it here in the first place. Many immigrants do not come alone, they bring their families and take whatever they can bring on their bodys and take the risk to cross into our country The Land of Opportunity. But, in most cases the families will only cross the members they can afford. In Reyna Grandes novel The Distance Between Us she vividly describes her struggles as a child living in Mexico and how she had to adapt to life in The United States, or to some Mexicans El Otro Lado. Her journey did not come easy, first her father came while she was still too young to remember his face, then her mother went to join him therefore leaving the children without parents forced to live with their grandmother who had a very ethnocentric view on society, did not welcome the children at first because the wife her son chose to marry was
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