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GCU 114
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GSAC XX Round 11 Toss-ups 1. An aria sung by the title character of one of this man’s operas uses text from John Donne’s Holy Sonnet XIV. In another of his operas, a character steps off of the Spirit of ’76 while a military chorus sings “The Three Main Rules of Discipline.” This composer of Doctor Atomic wrote a work commemorating 9/11, his On the Transmigration of Souls, and he based another work on the hijacking of the Achille Lauro by members of the Palestinian Liberation Front. One opera by this composer of The Death of Klinghoffer features the roles of Henry Kissinger, Zhou Enlai, and Mao Zedong. For 10 points, name this minimalist composer of Nixon in China. ANSWER: John Coolidge Adams 2. This playwright wrote a work in which the people of Argos vote to shelter the fifty Danaids who were running from a forced marriage to their cousins. In addition to The Suppliants, he wrote a play in which Zeus smites Capaneus for blasphemy, and in another of his works, Athena renames the furies “the kindly ones.” This man wrote a drama centering on the defeat of Xerxes at Salamis in The Persians, and he wrote another work in which Cassandra is murdered by Clytemnestra. The author of Seven Against Thebes and The Eumenides, For 10 points, name this ancient Greek who wrote Prometheus Bound and the Oresteia. ANSWER: Aeschylus 3. This man names a method of determining the allowed quantized states of a system with Sommerfeld. He criticized the EPR paradox as part of his debates on quantum mechanics with Albert Einstein, and the wave-particle duality is an example of this man’s complementarity principle. The Rydberg formula was derived from one of his theories, and he codified his work on quantum mechanics with Werner Heisenberg in the Copenhagen interpretation. For 10 points, name this Danish scientist who names a model of the atom in which electrons travel in orbits that are fixed distances from the nucleus. ANSWER: Niels Henrik David Bohr 4. This thinker described a method of cognition that uses creativity as the core of understanding, which he dubbed “active imagination.” One work by this thinker analyzed the fantasies of a woman dubbed Frank Miller, and he suggested that God has a fourth evil side to the Trinity in Answer to Job. He described the repeated images that come from human experience as patterns or symbols, whose female aspect is known as anima. For 10 points, name this Swiss psychologist who pioneered the concept of archetypes and suggested that humanity share a collective unconscious. ANSWER: Carl Jung 5. This ruler founded the Muscovy company and created a standing army known as the Streltsy. Following the capture of the Kazan Khanate, this man lost the Battle of Wenden, leading to the failure of the Livonian War. He created a secret police called the Oprichniki and he created the first “assembly of the land,” the Zemskii Sobor. This man accidentally killed his only capable son, making his mentally disabled son become heir. For 10 points, name this first czar of a united Russia whose son’s death led to the Time of Troubles. ANSWER: Ivan the Terrible [accept Ivan IV or Ivan Grozny; prompt on Ivan] GSAC XX Round 11 6. The main singer of this band sang a song saying “someone that you think that you can trust” is “just another way to die” with Alicia Keyes. This band created a music video out of legos for a song off of their album White Blood Cells, “Fell In Love With a Girl.” This group sang “I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends,” as well as a song about a Mexican prostitute, “Icky Thump.” This two member band featuring only guitar and drums is made up of a married couple. For 10 points, name this band that sings “7 Nation Army,” whose members are Meg and Jack White. ANSWER: The White Stripes 7. One type of these structures is the hematopoietic variety, from which white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets form. These structures undergo the process of differentiation to become specialized through various stages triggered by their genes. These cells are able to proliferate, as they hold the unique ability to replicate many times through cell division, and two types of these cells are “adult” and “embryonic,” the latter of which is able to repair damaged tissues and organs in people. For 10 points, name these cells that are at the center of an ethics debate about the creation and destruction of human embryos. ANSWER: Stem Cells 8. A prominent monument in this nation, the Marble Arch, was demolished in the 1970’s. The Ottoman admiral Turgut Reis was named Pasha of a city in this nation that was previously held by the Knights of St. John. One conflict in this nation saw a force led by American soldiers and marines capture the city of Derna, while earlier Stephen Decatur set fire to the USS Philadelphia. A Greek colony in what would become this nation, Cyrene, lends its name to this nation’s eastern region. During World War II, fierce fighting occurred over the possession of this nation’s city of Tobruk. For 10 points, name this North African nation with capitol at Tripoli. ANSWER: Libya 9. One work by this man describes a hostage, whose brothers died “one in fire, and two in field.” This author of “The Prisoner of Chillon” satirized Robert Southey’s elegy to George III, and wrote about how “The Assyrians came down like the wolf on the fold” in “The Destruction of Sennacherib.” This man asks “How should I greet thee?” in “When We Two Parted,” and he wrote a poem about a womanizer who is captured by Haidee’s father. For 10 points, name this British Romantic poet who wrote Don Juan and died in the Greek War of Independence. ANSWER: George Gordon Noel, Lord Byron [accept any underlined name] 10. This philosopher believed that the soul existed in both the spiritual and material worlds, and he advocated resurrection in his form of dualism. This man described proper authority, reasonable cause, and right intention as the three reasons to start a “just war,” and he divided law into eternal, divine, natural, and human types. This man discussed the “unmoved mover” in his Quinque viae, which are his five proofs for the existence of God. For 10 points, name this Scholastic philosopher and the author of Summa Theologica. ANSWER: St. Thomas Aquinas [accept Thomas of Aquino] GSAC XX Round 11 11. The CfA2 Great Wall is a filament made of these entities. Seyfert ones exhibit Doppler broadening of their spectra, indicating the presence of an active nucleus. The distribution of heavy elements is one factor in determining the “habitable zone” in these entities. Velocity dispersion is related to their luminosity in the Tully-Fisher relation, but this relation only holds when the object is on one of the tongs of Hubble’s Tuning Fork, which categorizes these objects into elliptical, barred, and spiral. For 10 points, name these entities that are gravitationally bound systems of dark matter, stars, and dust. ANSWER: Galaxy [accept Galaxies] 12. Leduc escapes execution by the Nazis by using a white pass in this author’s Incident at Vichy, and one of his plays sees the protagonist commit suicide the day before his house’s mortgage is paid off. Joe Keller causes the death of twenty one pilots by shipping defective parts in this author’s All My Sons, and Giles Corey calls for “more weight” in another of his plays. Tituba and John Proctor are accused of witchcraft in that play, and in another work Biff refuses to attend summer school after learning of his father Willy Loman’s affair with another woman. For 10 points, name this American playwright of The Crucible and Death of a Salesman. ANSWER: Arthur Asher Miller [accept Incident at Vichy before “author’s”] 13. In this film, one character advises another not to “believe everything you hear on the radio” after inquiring about the possibility of war in Europe. The character that utters that phrase had earlier managed to irritate his guardian by showing little interest in “gold mines, oil wells, shipping or real estate,” In this film, reporter Jerry Thompson attempts to interview a character’s second wife, Susan Alexander, and this film’s title character builds the estate of Xanadu. That character’s last words refer to his childhood sled “Rosebud.” For 10 points, name this 1941 Orson Welles film based on the life of William Randolph Hearst. ANSWER: Citizen Kane 14. This man wrote that the presidency “will be as big and as influential as the man who occupies it” in his work Constitutional Government in the United States. Legislation passed during this man’s presidency included the Keating-Owen Act to limit child labor and the Underwood-Simmons Act to lower tariff rates, both of which were part of this man’s idea of a “New Freedom.” He was strongly opposed by Henry Cabot Lodge on a provision which would have bound the U.S. to defend its allies if attacked, Article X. For 10 points, name this Progressive President who proposed the Fourteen Points and led the U.S. through World War I. ANSWER: Thomas Woodrow Wilson 15. In one myth, this deity is placated by a handful of rice, which satisfies him after he almost eats the palace of Kubera, the god of wealth. In another, his brother, mounted on a peacock, loses a race to him when he runs around his parents instead of crossing the whole world. He broke off one body part and dipped it in ink to write the Mahabharata, and this deity’s mount is a mouse. In one story, this deity attempted to prevent his father from entering their home on his mother’s orders, leading Shiva to cut his head off. For 10 points, name this Hindu deity known as the remover of obstacles, often depicted with an elephant’s head. ANSWER: Ganesha GSAC XX Round 11 16. This artist created a painting in which an open door instantly leads the viewer to the ocean, while another of his works depicts a subway entrance in front of the title location. This artist of Circle Theatre depicted an attendant next to three pumps in his painting Gas and created a series of paintings illustrating office settings. He depicted a barbershop pole in front of a row of shops in Early Sunday Morning, as well as a pair of women sitting next to a restaurant window in Chop Suey. He depicted an advertisement for the Phillies cigars in his most famous painting, in which three figures dine at an almost-empty bar. For 10 points, name this artist of Nighthawks. ANSWER: Edward Hopper 17. This author wrote about the struggle of two members of the Knights of the Golden Fleece against Catholic oppression in the Netherlands, leading to the imprisonment and execution of Clärchen’s love, Lord Egmont. He also wrote about a young man who goes to Walheim to relax and read Homer, but instead falls in love with Albert’s fiancee, Lotte, and commits suicide. In another work of his, Wagner helps create the spirit of learning Homunculus and the title character loses his bet with Mephistopheles. For 10 points, name this German author of The Sorrows of Young Werther and Faust. ANSWER: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 18. During weddings in this religion, two crystallized sugar cones are rubbed together. The seventh obligatory feast of this religion is Noruz, the New Year, and its advocates believe in crossing the Chinvat Bridge after death. The worship of this religion takes place in Fire Temples, and this religion places its dead on Towers of Silence to naturally decay and be eaten by scavenger birds. Angra Mainyu is responsible for death in this religion, whose major text is Avesta. For 10 points, name this dualistic religion centered on Ahriman and Ahura Mazda, which was founded in Persia. ANSWER: Zoroastrianism 19. This country defeated an independence movement in the War of the Ragamuffins, which saw Giuseppe Garibaldi fight for the rebels, and it was created when one leader declared the Cry of Ipiranga. Cisplatina seceded from it to become Uruguay, and this country saw the abolition of slavery with the Golden Law. It allied with Argentina and Uruguay during the War of the Triple Alliance, and this country was established by Pedro I. For 10 points, name this South American country, which was originally a colony founded by the Portuguese under Pedro Alvarez Cabral. ANSWER: Brazil 20. One variety of this quantity is proportional to the volume of distribution divided by clearance and is used when computing the “effective” variety of this quantity for drug concentration. For a second order reaction, it is one over the initial concentration times the rate constant, while this quantity is independent of concentration in first order reactions. Isotopes in the island of stability are expected to have comparatively large values for this quantity for decay, with values on the order of minutes to days. For 10 points, name this term denoting the amount of time it takes a quantity to drop to a certain fraction of its initial value, which for Carbon-14 is 5,730 years. ANSWER: Half Life GSAC XX Round 11 TB. One of this author’s characters stays in the attic and edits the diary of Tom Outland. Another novel by this author features Father Vaillant and Bishop Latour, and Thea Kronborg gives a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House in a different work of his. One novel by this author of The Professor’s House and Death Comes for the Archbishop sees Frank shoot Emil after seeing him with Marie, and that work describes Carl Linstrum’s marriage to Alexandra Bergson. That author of The Song of the Lark also wrote about Jim Burden
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