KIN 494 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Nebulin, Skeletal Muscle, Troponin

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Published on 3 Sep 2015
September 1, 2015
KIN 494 – Module 2 notes
1. Importance of muscle cell components
a. Nucleus
i. DNA - Contains all the information that tells cells what to do
b. Mitochondria
i. Krebs cycle
ii. Production of energy for the muscle (ATP)
2. Only 20-25% of energy converted to mechanical work
3. Structure of a Single Muscle Fiber
a. Sarcomere
i. Functional unit of skeletal muscle***
ii. Where all of the contraction occurs
iii. The space from one Z disk to another
iv. Very organized structure with striations
v. Thin Filaments: Actin, Troponin, Tropomyosin
vi. Thick Filaments: Myosin
vii. Titin, nebulum, etc
viii. Under microscope
1. Light band – I band (either side of Z disk)
2. Dark band – A band (myosin, thick filaments of sarcomere)
ix. When muscle contracts
1. I band gets smaller (shrinks because Z disks get pulled closer
to each other)
2. A band – length stays the same (Thick filament doesn’t change
length, just pulls thin ones close to the,)
x. Not just actin and myosin. Whole bunch of other proteins in a fluid
xi. Titin and Nebulin are anchor proteins that hold the myosin and actin
respectively in place
b. Thick Filament – Myosin
i. Each thick filament holds about 200+ myosin molecules
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