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Lecture 4

PSY 101 Lecture 4: Psych Notes Part IV

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Arizona State University
PSY 101
Lynda Mae

1 Psychological Disorders Pre1960s: Based on magical thinking Superstitious: Feel that something is living in someones body Religious: Feel like Satan is living in someones body Prompted Trephining as treatment: Drilling of a hole in the skull in theory to let the demonspirits out Edward Kienholz The State Hospital environmental artist 1940s: Had a job in a mental hospital Depicted mental ward environment (it was awful. Patients were chained to thin, uncomfortable beds, had a little bucket as a restroom, in a tiny area.) Post1960s: Source of mental problemsMedical Model of Disorder gain technology and look for sources, start realizing that it has no ethnicityIQetc. bias Still defining mental problems as abnormalities Thomas Szaszs Criticism: Just because behavior is outside the norm does not make it a disorder (ex. transgender: some places, they are revered, others, they are hated) Led to Diagnosis Criteria and Tools (Abnormal vs Disorder) Diagnostic Tools: Interviews (frequent) Observations Testing Criteria: Deviant Dysfunctional Demand (to be diagnosed from the client or court) Danger (to others or to the self [can be involuntarily committed APA tends to fall on more conservative side]) Disorder Classification DSM: categorizes and classifies all disorders and symptoms DSM IV Axes: I Clinical Syndromes (ex. schizophrenia, etc) II Personality Disorders (beginning to be combined with clinical (?) III Medical Conditions IV Psychosocial Problems (if something really bad happened in their life, depression is common. Very important to know what theyve been dealing with) V Global assessment of functioning (how quickly you are able to recover from something and live a normal life can get really bad without meds) AnxietyBased Disorders: Excessive apprehension Generalized anxiety disorder: not caused by specific threat
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