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BIOL 1020 7

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BIOL 1020
Anne- Marie Singh

BIOL 1020CHAPTER 7 LECTURE NOTES Chapter 7 Membrane structure and functionIRoles of biological membranesamembranes separate aqueous environments so that differences can be maintained ithe plasma membrane surrounds the cell and separates the interior of the cell from the external environment iimembranebound organelles have their interior region separated from the rest of the cell bpassage of substances across membranes is generally regulated helping to establish and maintain appropriate environments in the cell even as the outside environment changes cmembranes provide a surface on which many chemical events can occur ienzymes embedded in membranes catalyze many chemical reactions and the locations of reactants and products on one side or the other of the membrane is often used to help control reaction rates iiproteins and glycoproteins embedded in membranes are used for chemical recognition and signaling IIPhysical properties of cell membranes the lipid bilayer and the fluid mosaic modelabiological membranes are lipid bilayers with associated proteins and glycoproteinsimost of the lipids involved are phospholipids although others like cholesterol and various glycolipids are also presentbphospholipids molecules spontaneously form bilayers in aqueous environments due to their amphipathic nature and overall cylindrical structure iamphipathic molecules have distinct hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions iirecall the hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tails of phospholipids 1tails come from two chains of fatty acids linked to glycerol 2head comes from a polar organic molecule linked via a phosphate group to the glycerol backbone iiithe two tails combine with the head to give a roughly
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