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Through these ideas, the inference can be made that the media’s augmented portrayal of the suburbs separates them into an overly simplified cognitive mold for their audience to comprehend. Suburgatory makes several satirical stabs at the submissive plastic surgery sculpted idyllic moms, largely absent role of working fathers, socially cliquey girls, and athletic jock style boys. I. The Show a. II. The Moms a. Shelia welcomes new neighbors with pot roasts, is president of the PTA, manicures her rose garden, micromanages her husband and two kids as a stay-at-home mom, and smothers anyone and everyone that she can with what she seems to think is motherly care, all while keeping up a perfect appearance. b. Dallas is depicted as a naïve and wealthy Barbie­esque housewife with a  heavy reliance on ‘The Help.’ Her depiction feeds the stay­at­home mom  and working husband stereotype common to suburban living. c. Merrill Goozner writes that “Local officials say they agree with the portrait of Naperville that Helgesen draws in her book. ‘People do feel Naperville is an edge city. We still have a segment of our population with stay-at-home moms, but a growing segment of our population is two-income families where the working woman is looking at increased flexibility to cope with a very hectic schedule so she can keep an active role in the children's lives,’said Peggy Frank, executive director of Naper Settlement, the village at the heart of the sprawling town” referring to "Everyday Revolutionaries, Working Women and the Transformation of American Life" a book by Sally Helgeson d. The portrait of the submissive and subservient housewife cooking pot roasts can only exist in the fictitious works such as The Stepford Wives and Suburgatory. All of these women are portrayed as being reliant on men, taking away from women’s fight to be treated equally. e. According to the 2010 United States census, 58.6 percent of women in the US are either working or looking for work. More than half of the women in the United States are working. As of 2000, the number of Americans living in the suburbs had grown to about fifty percent, and today the majority of Americans live in suburban areas. Even modern day stay-at-home moms have started running their own businesses from home. III. The girls a. In one of the most recent episodes, the three girls that make up the KKK girls (Kenzie, Kaitlyn, and Kimantha) are depicted as dogs when they do not have anyone to tell them what to do. Showing girls and not being capable to even stay alive without someone telling them how. The girls are made to look like dumb, living barbie dolls. b. Dalia, Dallas' daughter, exhibits the mentality of an angry five-year-old. She has to get her way, or else she acts out. In one episode, her father got remarried without her being there, so she decided to become the assistant of the school's "magician" so that he can make her disappear. c. Tessa's character contrasts all the girls of Chatswin. She isn't blonde, dumb, or vain. Instead, she tries to better the people of Chatswin by pointing out their flaws. However, since she isn't from the suburbs, and states often that she hates it, she does not alter the stereotype placed on the suburbanites. IV. The People a. Suburgatory also depicts suburbanites as well off people with a disconnection from the rest of the world. For example, one episode is about Tessa trying to encourage the student body to stop being so wasteful and give to a charity. However, this does not go as Tessa hopes when the students choose to donate face brushes to people in Orlando, because Dalia, Dallas’s daughter witnessed the “endless suffering” of sunburnt and oily faces. The people of
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