COMM 210 Lecture 10: Persuasive Presentations

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Persuasion is the process of changing, shaping, or reinforcing attitude, beliefs, values, or behaviors
Three Audience Types
o Mostly agrees
o Can state with rapport and common ground
o State clear goals
o Can use emotional examples
o Uses a call for action
o Start with interest and attentions
o Build a rapport with common beliefs
o Appeal to the needs of loved ones
Use eotioal appeal eause the hae’t deided o do’t thik it applies to
o Set modest goals
o Be subtle
o Build a rapport with common beliefs
o It’s eteel ipotat to uild ediilit ith soues
o Consider the counter arguments, underlying concerns and values
o Acknowledge other viewpoints, the counter views
o Set modest goals
Three Approaches to Persuasion
o Best approach
o Buildig a idge e
o Support your claims
o Connects with audience the best
o Builds with stronger support
o Not good
o Ceates distae ou
o Uses threats
o Even worse
o Argues that all persuasion is bad and should not be studied
o Discourages challenging and analyzing
Why is it so hard to get audience to do what we want?
Audience reacts differently
Need to be credible
Questioning the speaker
Wonder if they should listen to the speaker and if they are credible
Build strong credibility statements
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