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Lecture 1

HIST 150 Lecture 1: Survival in Auschwitz Review

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HIST 150

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Ed Krzemienski
History 150—Guide questions for Survival in Auschwitz
1. What age is Levi when he is captured?
a. 24
2. What country is Levi a citizen of?
a. Italy
3. What does the phrase Arbeit Macht Frei mean?
a. Labor makes you free
4. What type of product is supposed to be produced at the Buna camp?
a. Rubber
5. What does the term Häftling mean?
a. Prisoner
6. What is a Kapo?
a. Brutal jewish prioners who controlled concentration camp inmates for ermans in
excahnge for special treatment
7. How does Levi describe the rules of the camp?
a. In this place, everything is forbidden
8. What is the primary item used as money in the camp?
a. Bread
9. What does Levi see as the purpose of the Lager?
a. Organization of criminals
10. What does the term Ka-Be mean?
a. A makeshift infirmary (hospital), prisoners were able to get physical rest but were
often tormented by the free time they werent working because i gave them the
opportunity to think about the past and see all of the horrors they have been
11. What does the term Wstavaċ mean?
a. Get up
12. What two things occur that make for Levi’s “good day”?
a. Sunlight/spring, extra pints of soup
13. What is Mahorca?
a. A third-rate tobacco
14. What terms does Levi use to describe his two categories of men?
a. Saved and drowned
15. What are “Jewish prominent”?
a. Jewish prisoners promoted to officers who were particularly cruel to their jewish
prisoner counterparts
16. What is “Kommando 98?
a. Work group of chemists
17. What outside news in the summer of 1944 gives the prisoners hope?
a. Allied landing in normandy
18. When do the bombardments of Upper Silesia begin?
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a. August 1944
19. Who is described as “a man” who helped Levi “not to forget that [he himself] was a
a. Lorenzo
20. What does the term Selekcja mean?
a. Selection for extermination
21. How does levi respond to kuhn’s prayer?
a. Believes kuhn is out of his senses, prayer cannot save him from being gassed.
22. Levi describes himself as not being alive enough to know how to do what?
a. Kill himself
23. Who cries out, “comrades, i am the last one!”? Why?
a. The last doomed/publicly executed prisoner; he is the only “strong” prisoner left; if the
camp is liberated the prisoners are still broken emotionally
24. In january of 1945, levi falls ill of what disease?
a. Chest infection
25. Who is sómogyi?
a. Hungarian in infirmary suffering from typhus and scarlet fever. Divides his bread rations
amoung the other patients/prisoners b/c he “confirmed his dedication to death”/
26. Who liberates levi?
a. Russians
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