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Lecture 6

PHYC 101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Net ForcePremium

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PHYC 101

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PHYC 101 Lecture
September 8, 2016
Newton’s Laws
Points of Focus:
Newton’s three laws of motion
Causes of Motion
oAristotle: all objects have a “natural place” and their tendency is to
reside in their “natural place”
All objects categorized as: earth, water, air, or fire
“Natural motion:” occurred when an object tried to its “natural
place” after being moved through “violent motion.”
Natural state of an object: being at rest in its “natural place”
Keeping an object moving required force
oGalileo: changed these views in the 1500s after his experiment
couldn’t connect the concepts
oNewton: proposed that objects’ tendencies were to maintain their
current state of motion
Words to know:
oInertia: tendency of object to resist any change in its motion
does not depend on its position or location
think of as “habit” or “laziness”
oMass: quantitative measure of inertia
oForce: “push or pull”
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