CLCV W 4411x Lecture 2: Class Notes 1/18-1/23

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Published on 2 Feb 2017
Egypt in the Classical World
1. Predynastic 5500-3100
2. Early Dynastic 3100-2686
3. Old Kingdom 2686-2181, 3rd-6th dynasties
4. First Intermediate 7th-11th dynasties
5. Middle Kingdom 11th-13th
6. Second Intermediate 14th-17th
7. New Kingdom 18th-20th
8. Third Intermediate 21st-24th
9. Late Period 25th-30th + 3 persian kings
a. Kushite Dynasty from Nubia 747-656 BCE
10. Greco-Roman 332 BC-395 AD
Lots of Foreign Influence
Knossos during the Middle Minoan Period or Proto-Palatial Period, 1900-1700 BCE
Greatly influenced Egypt
EX: a Minoan bull jumping mural was found in Avaris, complete with very Minoan
(specifically Knoss0s) maze like patterns.
EX: a Minoan style griffin/goddess figure found in Avaris as well
Popularity of Mycenaean pottery even more so than that of Minoan pottery
Residents are foreign traders
Timber, wine, olive oil, laxative beans, textiles, papyrus, grain
The Harem at Gurob
Foreign queens, wearing Aegean styles
Depictions of Men from Keftiu/Minoan Crete found in tombs of Egyptians
Oxhide Ingots from Cyprus
Uluburun Shipwreck
Where did the ship begin its journey? Who commissioned this? Mysterious.
Carried an immense amount of wealth, so it’s possible that the ship sunk due to the
weight it carried. A very simple/small ship so as to not attract attention.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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